About us

Principles and policies of Kokcha International News Agency

We consider producing news and reporting and preserving the ethical principles of journalism and information and increasing the digital heritage in cyberspace as one of our most important missions in the era of information explosion and globalization.

We consider the crossing of false and unrealistic political boundaries, the sediments of common and narrow-minded views and trying to benefit from the opinions and opinions of silent and marginalized thinkers and intellectuals, and we are concerned about establishing national reconciliation between the elites of society and the media community.

Kokcha is not affiliated with any political party or group and its editorial office is inside Afghanistan and naturally considers itself committed to complying with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
We honestly and humbly offer our podium and small contribution to the global cyberspace to our elites and audiences, and we have no intention of providing one-sided media.

Kokcha is committed to promoting the tradition and ethics of the country’s media, and at the same time strives to adhere to it.

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