Afghan Commerce Minister Praises Strong Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

In a gathering organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Afghan Commerce Minister Nooruddin Azizi praised the deepening bond between Pakistan and Afghanistan, emphasizing its positive impact on the flourishing bilateral trade between the two brotherly Muslim nations.

During a meeting held at a local hotel with members of the Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI), Minister Azizi expressed his conviction that the trade relationship between the two countries had transformed from a mere obligation to an enthusiastic passion. He attributed this remarkable shift to the strengthening ties and mutual cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Minister Azizi further underscored the accomplishments of the current Afghan government, which had successfully tackled numerous challenges without resorting to loans or financial assistance from any foreign country. Remarkably, Afghanistan managed its financial affairs effectively within its own budget, demonstrating commendable self-sufficiency.

Addressing concerns about corruption, the Afghan commerce minister stated that the present government had taken decisive actions to eradicate corruption completely from its public institutions, showcasing a steadfast commitment to good governance.

Highlighting the abundant opportunities available in various sectors within Afghanistan, Minister Azizi assured the private sector of the government’s unwavering support. He debunked the misconception that Afghanistan restricted women from working, noting the presence of 7,500 registered women-led businesses and an additional 50,000 women working unregistered, highlighting the country’s commitment to female participation in the workforce.

In addition to Minister Azizi’s remarks, TDAP Chief Executive Zubair Motiwala stressed the importance of enhancing facilities for transit trade from Pakistan. He urged the Afghan government to implement further measures to facilitate the smooth flow of trade between the two nations.

During the event, President of the Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI), Qazi Zahid, and former president Junaid Makda, also shared their perspectives. They expressed appreciation for the Afghan government’s efforts to combat corruption and emphasized the significance of continued collaboration between the two countries.

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