Female protesters speak up against Taliban’s government

Women’s Liberation Movement reacting to Doha meeting releasing a statement said that they do not accept the Taliban “mono-ethnic, terrorist and patriarchal governance,” adding that the Doha meeting must not provide the Taliban with the opportunity to be recognized.

They added that apparently the UN and the international community are ready to give credit to the Taliban which means they are blinking at the “crime commited by the Taliban, restrictions and systematic removal of women, arbitrary arrests, imprisoning of civilians, torture, killing and giving refuge to terror groups in Afghanistan.”

“We believe that former government collapsed as a result of a conspiracy and a plot, which led to hostage taking of 30 million people by a terror group,” the statement read.

“The Taliban criminal group has not withhold any kind of oppression against the people in particular women in Afghanistan, but it is not clear that why the UN and international community turn a blind eye on these issues. It has been 18 months of Taliban’s takeover, yet the women are confined at home and deprived of education, work, travel and a normal life. The Taliban add restrictions day by day.”

The statement reiterated that reopening the schools for girls and allowing the women to work for the UN are not the “ultimate wish” of people in Afghanistan, but they want a govenment with the presence of all ethnic groups and women.

They also urged the countries to boycott the meeting in Doha.

Women’s Liberation Movement condemned any kind of credit to the Taliban by the UN and the international community, adding that they will be the partner of the Taliban against the people in Afghanistan.

The Doha meeting leading by the UN will be held today.

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