Moscow tried to normalize ties with Ukraine: Zhirnov

Dmitry Zhirnov, Russian Federation Ambassador to Afghanistan, in his recent remarks has said that Russia tried for few decades to normalize its ties with Ukraine, but after 2014 coup the situation altered as the supporters of normalized relations had been physically wiped out.

“Nine years ago, on March 2014, the inhabitants of Crimea, who were fed up with impudence of Ukrainian nationalists, agreed with the independence of Crimea to be annexed to its historical mother land- Russia-, and more than 96% of people voted in favor of this issue,” Dmitry Zhirnov said.

“Lots of problems have been solved in Crimea during past years, the ones which had been emerged while Ukraine controled the area. Lots of work has been done in the field of economy, investment, culture and tourism.”

According to him, building the bridge in Crimea in a short period of time has been translated to a symbol of Crimea’s annexation to Russia, and the road over the bridge has contributed to social and economic factors.

The news comes as the tension between Russia and Ukraine have reached its peak since last year, yet there is intense fighting in Bakhmut city of Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine has cast a shadow over Russia-West ties.

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