Afghan Women’s Protests Violently Dispersed in Kabul

A group of Afghan women protested in the west of Kabul city on Sunday to raise their voices against a ruling that bans females from education and work, Khaama Press has confirmed.

Scores of women gathered in the capital, Kabul, on Sunday, for a peaceful march in response to the continued ban on women’s education. Their chanting slogans demanded to reopen of schools and universities for girls.

However, the women protesters were attacked and dispersed by the Taliban security forces, videos sent to Khaama Press showing.

According to a protester who spoke to Khaama Press under anonymity, the “women’s movement for justice” was responsible for organizing the demonstrations and added at least three protesting women were detained during the rally.

Taliban security forces reportedly beat women protesters and fired into the air, and they violently dispersed protesters.

The women protesters say that since the Taliban seized power, the number of girls women’s suicides has increased, women and girls attending schools and universities have decreased to zero, and early marriages have doubled.

The Taliban administration has received harsh criticism from the UN and rights organizations for imposing these restrictions on women.

According to Richard Bennett, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Afghanistan, these policies display a “pattern of absolute gender segregation and aim to make women invisible in the society.”

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Source: The Khaama Press News Agency

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