Rahul Gandhi Found Guilty of Defaming Narendra Modi


KABUL (BNA) A court in western India has found opposition leader Rahul Gandhi guilty of defamation for a speech he made in 2019 in which he referred to thieves as having the surname Modi, and sentenced him to two years in prison.

Gandhi was present on Thursday at the court in Surat, a city in Gujarat, which is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state. He was given bail and the sentence was suspended for 30 days.

The criminal defamation case was filed against Gandhi by a leader of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after a speech during the 2019 general election in which he referred to the surname Modi and asked how all thieves had the surname.

named Modi, while talking about alleged high-level corruption in the country.
Gandhi, 52, on Thursday, told the court he had commented to highlight corruption and not against any community.


Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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