PM Sharif Pays Homage to Service of Founding Fathers of Pakistan

On the occasion of Pakistan Day (March 23), Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif praised the “relentless struggle” of the founding fathers of the country, adding that Pakistan’s future lies in adhering to the constitution in its spirit of service.   

Pakistan Day commemorates the passing of the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940, when the All-India Muslim League demanded to establish a nation for the Muslims of the British Indian Empire.

Prime Minister Sharif said, “March 23 is an epoch-making day in our national history that reminds us of our past, invites us to ponder over our present state of affairs, and inspires us to build a prosperous future.”

In 1940, under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Muslims of the sub-continent approved a resolution for the establishment of a separate homeland which eventually give birth to the establishment of modern Pakistan.  

Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s dream of freedom manifested itself in the form of a resolution representing Muslims’ demands, and aspirations for a separate homeland. The consequential seven years witnessed history in the making as the Quaid-i-Azam led a relentless struggle to translate the dream of Iqbal into reality.

In the last seventy-five years, Pakistan has fought many crises from wars to natural disasters. There have been many occasions where odds and challenges were resolved. As a member of the international community, Pakistan has played the role of a responsible nation in the resolution of problems facing humanity and the establishment of global peace.

“As we celebrate Pakistan Day today and pay tribute to the sacrifices of our founding fathers, we should not lose sight of the challenges staring us in the face,” PM Sharif said.

He further added, “the challenges are topped by a combination of economic instability and the inability to settle the rules of the game. An environment of political chaos explains why we have failed to develop our economy on a sustainable basis.”

Pakistan is destined to achieve great heights. However, for this to become a reality, the nation needs to forge unity in ranks, prioritize national purpose and vow to wage a struggle in line with the legacy of the country’s forefathers.

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