Xi, Putin Sign Joint Statement on Pre-2030 Development Plan on Priorities


KABUL (BNA) Russia and China Presidents jointly signed a Statement on Pre-2030 Development Plan on Priorities in China-Russia Economic Cooperation at the Kremlin.

“We signed a statement on deepening the strategic partnership and bilateral ties which are entering a new era,” Xi said following talks with Putin in the Kremlin on Tuesday.

For his part, Putin said “all agreements have been reached” and that economic cooperation between Moscow and Beijing was a “priority” for Russia.

The two sides pledged to carry out economic cooperation in multiple key directions, including expanding the trade scale, optimizing the trade structure and developing e-commerce and other innovative modes of cooperation.

The Chinese leader visited Moscow days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Putin for crimes committed in the neighbouring country.

A joint statement included familiar accusations against the West – that Washington was undermining global stability and NATO was barging into the Asia-Pacific region.


Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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