Taliban imprison activist for criticizing their govt

Taliban have imprisoned an activist named Subhanallah Subhani in Takhar for criticizing their government, sources told Aamaj news.

The Taliban intelligence forces had arrested Mr. Subhani three weeks ago, and yet continue to torture him, sources added.

The Taliban authorities in Takhar confirmed that the reason for arresting Mr. Subhani is his posts on social media that criticized their government.

The family of the activist said that he went to Takhar to meet them, and had not committed any crime.

It is mentionable that he had training the teachers at Abu Osman high school for years, and recently got his PhD in international relations from Kharazmi University, Iran.

The news comes as recently the Taliban have accelerated the detention of activists. Most recently the Taliban fighters flogged and tortured a young man accusing of using bad language against their leader.

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Source: Aamaj News

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