Pak Released Another 40 Afghan Prisoners

KABUL (BNA) 40 Afghans imprisoned including 5 families, was released from a prison in Pakistan’s Sindh province.

The Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation, today, Tuesday said that following the efforts of the Afghan Embassy and Refugee Department in Islamabad, another 40 Afghans were released from prison by the order of the Karachi Court of Appeal.

Afghans freed from prison will soon return to the country through Spin Boldak port.

The release of 160 Afghans imprisoned in Pakistan’s Landi and Peche prisons is under administrative procedures, and in two to three days, their release will be issued by the relevant court, said the Ministry in a statement.

Refugees authorities in Islamabad say that the released prisoners will be transferred to Spin Boldak and will be received by Kandahar Refugee and Repatriation department.

Lately, following the efforts of the Afghan Embassy and Refugee authorities in Islamabad, within the last month, hundreds of Afghans have been freed from Pakistani prisons and returned to the country.


Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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