UN Security Does Not Reflect Today’s Realities: UNGA Chief

Csaba Korosi, UN General Assembly President.

The UN Security Council does not adequately represent today’s realities, is paralyzed, and unable to carry out its fundamental duty of preserving world peace and security when one of its permanent members has invaded a neighbour, UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Csaba  Korosi has said.

The UNGA President made the following remarks about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine: “There is a self-evident reason why the Security Council cannot perform its fundamental duty. One of the Security Council’s permanent members attacked its neighbour. The entity that responds to the aggression should be the Security Council. The Security Council, however, cannot take action because of the veto power.”

He further stated that this was a “serious lesson learnt” for the future when discussing how to improve global organizations’ functioning.

China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (US) are the only permanent members of the UNSC, and only a permanent member can veto any substantive resolution.

The Security Council’s membership has only ever changed once in the UN’s history, in 1963. Said Csaba Korosi: “The world has changed since then. Geopolitical relationships in the world shifted, and certain countries, including India and others, still developing, genuinely changed their economic obligations.” The UNSC’s membership, according to Korosi, needed to represent today’s realities adequately.

India has taken the lead in the ongoing effort to reform the UN Security Council, saying it rightly deserved a seat as a permanent member of the UN, said Korosi while visiting India on Sunday.

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