Report about the Death of 50 Sick Children not True in Baghlan

KABUL (BNA) Local Public health officials of Baghlan rejected the report of the death of 50 children suffering from various diseases in that province.

The provincial head of public health of Baghlan called the reports that fifty children have died from various diseases in the last month in Baghlan provincial hospital baseless.

He told BNA that in the past month, 23 children have died due to diseases in the provincial hospital.

Dr. Shah Wali Ahmadzai, the manager of Baghlan provincial hospital, admits that the cases of pneumonia or respiratory diseases have increased among children in Baghlan compared to the previous months, but the figures presented by the pediatric specialist a few days back are wrong.

Dr. Ahmadzai assured the commitment of the provincial hospital staff to provide better health services for patients, especially the pediatric department.

He asked the residents of Baghlan to keep their children warm in the cold season and give them more fluids.


Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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