Afghanistan Among 5 Pressing Humanitarian Emergencies

Five humanitarian emergencies—Afghanistan, the Syria regional crisis, Yemen, Ukraine, and Ethiopia—make up nearly half of all funding requirements in the 2023 Global Humanitarian Overview, the United Nations’ assessment of worldwide humanitarian needs for the coming year.

Afghanistan has been in a series of compounding crises that have deepened since the Taliban’s takeover of the Afghan central government in August 2021. Both the formal and informal economies have suffered dramatically through lost livelihoods, financial and trade disruptions, and the sudden drop in direct international development assistance after the Taliban’s return to power and the subsequent diplomatic and economic isolation of the country. Two consecutive years of drought have left most of the country with severe or extremely poor quality of water and exacerbated rates of food insecurity. Restrictions on women and girls’ participation in public life have also spiked

protection risks and affected humanitarians’ ability to reach half of the population.

In addition to widespread internal displacement within the country, Afghans are one of the world’s largest refugee populations. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency or UNHCR, there are 2.6 million registered Afghan refugees in the world—with 2.2 million of them registered in neighboring Iran and Pakistan.

Afghans still within the country struggle to secure the necessary documentation like passports to safely leave to join their family members in other countries, including the United States.

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