Turkey Attacked Kurdish Locations in Iraq

KABUL (BNA) Turkey declared openly that it has carried out a special operation against the Kurdish in Iraq, and claimed to have killed 254 fighters of the Kurdish group.

Turkey claims that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK has shelters in the Kurdish areas of Iraq and Russia and threatens Turkey’s security, Turkey considers the fighters of this party to be terrorists.

The Minister of Defense of Turkey said Wednesday that during their operation “Claw of the Sword” by the Turkish Air Force, 471 targets have been attacked and 254 terrorists have been killed.

The attack was carried out just three days after that, Recep Tayyip Erdogan; The president of Turkey warned that his country’s military will conduct ground operations in Syria.

He underscored that whenever they deem fit, they will start ground operations and destroy the Kurdish forces in Tal Rifat, Manbij and Ain al-Arab areas, which are under the administration of the PKK.

Besides attacking the Kurdish areas in Syria, Turkey has targeted the Kurdish areas of Iraq.

Some sources in Turkey claim that the recent explosions in Istanbul are carried out by the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is fighting to separate from that country.

Iraq and Syria have repeatedly said that Turkey has damaged their territorial integrity by attacking the Kurdish areas in these countries, and Iraq has once again called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in this regard.

The leadership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party of Turkey considers calling that party a terrorist as an excuse from Ankara to suppress the freedom-loving thought of this party and emphasizes that it fights for the interests of the Kurds, who are claimed to be a deprived minority in Turkey.

Human rights protection organizations consider Turkey’s action against the Kurds of this country and the killing of Kurds in Syria and Iraq to be a violation of human rights.


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