EU condemns Taliban restrictions on women

The European Union releasing a statement has condemned the additional restrictions by Taliban on women’s freedom of movement, including the rules that barred women from entering public parks and gyms.

“These restrictions come in addition to the already severe violations by the Taliban of the rights of Afghan women and girls – in contradiction to Taliban’s own initial promises. Afghan women and girls remain deprived of secondary education, face restrictions in their travel and movement, and are excluded from most aspects of public and economic life,” the statement reads.

The EU urged the Taliban to honor obligations under international law, in particular human rights, refugee and humanitarian law, and to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of all the A people.

The Statement adds that since Taliban’s domination back in August 2021, their systematic attacks on the rights of women and girls and the use of violence, including torture and enforced disappearances, have created a culture of fear in Afghanistan, and deprived women of public life and arena.

The news comes as Taliban, despite refusing to open girls’ schools, have imposed new restrictions on women including banning them from bathhouses, parks and gyms.

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