Drug-Addicted Women Gathered From Kabul

KABUL (BNA) The Department of Kabul anti-narcotics gathered a number of drug-addicted women from Kabul, and take them to the hospital for treatment.

“The anti-narcotics department of the Kabul, in cooperation with medics of a 150-bed hospital, gathered 8 women from Kabul Saturday,” said a spokesperson for Kabul commander police, Khalid Zadran.

He added that the operation will continue until the last female addict is gathered from Kabul.

According to him, efforts are currently being made to treat drug addicts throughout the country.

These drug-addict women are supposed to return to their families after receiving medical treatment, he said.

According to the Anti-narcotics department the department treated 14,000 drug addicts, including youth, women, and children so far.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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