World Polio Day; Afghanistan Records Two New Polio Cases

On World Polio Day, officials of the Taliban Ministry of Public Health stated that there have been two confirmed cases of polio reported in Afghanistan this year.

Announcing two confirmed polio cases on October 24, the day the world celebrates World Polio Day to draw attention to efforts to completely eradicate polio, Taliban officials noted that polio has been eradicated everywhere else, with the exception of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In the southeast Afghan provinces of Paktika and Kunar, which are bordering Pakistan, which is also an exception to the polio worldwide eradication, only two cases have been reported, according to the Ministry of Health under the Taliban government.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on World Polio Day that Afghanistan is getting closer than ever to eradicating this life-threatening disease.

The WHO celebrates World Polio Day on October 24 each year to increase public awareness of the value of polio vaccination in preventing all children from contracting this life-threatening underlying condition and to thank the many parents, professionals, and volunteers whose efforts have made polio eradication possible.

The only countries that have not eradicated polio are Afghanistan and Pakistan. The polio vaccine in these two countries has always been hampered by insecurity. The Taliban previously prevented the administration of vaccination in the regions they controlled.

However, in an effort to reduce the number of children who contract the illness and eradicate polio in Afghanistan, the Taliban Ministry of Public Health has organized national and sub-national vaccination campaigns throughout the nation and in the risky regions.

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