Weapons & Ammunitions Discovered in Baghlan

BAGHLAN (BNA) The Intelligence Directorate of Baghlan announced the discovery of weapons and ammunition in that province.

According to Baghlan Intelligence department, during an operation and based on a discovery report, they were able to recover a quantity of weapons of various types from Shamraq area of ​​Pul Khumri city in the center of Baghlan, which was kept illegally.

The weapons and equipment include a Russian pica rifle, an M.16 rifle, 12 Kalashnikov rifles, 6 belt rifles and a radio base.

Despite the fact that a few days back, the intelligence forces of Baghlan province had discovered dozens of weapons and a quantity of ammunition from Pul Hesar district of Andrab.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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