Taliban Bans a Foreign Journalist from Entering Afghanistan

Stefanie Glinski, a foreign journalist, and photographer has been barred from entering Afghanistan by the Taliban for her critical reporting, as part of the most recent crackdown on international media in Afghanistan.

According to a report from the International Federation of Journalists on Wednesday, October 19, the foreign journalist, Glinski, has been banned from entering Afghanistan.

The International Federation of Journalists denounced the travel restriction placed on journalists visiting Afghanistan and described them as a barrier to free speech and “persecution” of journalists.

Stefanie Glinski previously claimed that the Taliban harassed her via WhatsApp. She claimed that the Taliban were searching for her news sources.

Glinski reportedly spent four years in Afghanistan reporting for a variety of news organizations, including The Guardian and Foreign Policy. She left Kabul in July, but she started to worry about her safety after the Taliban recently investigated her reporting.

The federation said that “The Taliban must allow all journalists to work independently without fear of reprisal.”

An Australian journalist and columnist for Foreign Policy was previously threatened with imprisonment by the Taliban and was compelled to post a retraction tweet retracting her reports as untrue

According to the journalist Lynn O’Donnell, the Taliban agents disapproved of her coverage of LGBTQ people.

This comes as the Taliban reportedly detained journalists and mistreated journalists violating the freedom of the press and speech.

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