Twitter Storm: ‘#StopHazaraGenocide’ Twitter Campaign after Explosion in Kabul

Many social media users have started a campaign with the hashtag “#StopHazaraGenocide” in reaction to the deadly attack on the Kaaj education center’s students in the Hazara neighborhood of Kabul, the Afghan capital.

Civil rights activists, human rights advocates, writers, poets, and journalists have all joined the campaign and posted this hashtag extensively and ubiquitously.

Three days have passed since the bloody explosion attack on Friday, September 30, which is now known as the Kaaj tragedy, the Kaaj genocide, and the victims are recognized as the Kaaj girls, the blood-drenched pines (Kaaj).

The Kaaj tragedy has received the majority of attention and narratives in the domestic media over the past three days.

According to United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)’s statistics, at least 35 students died and 82 others were severely wounded in the Kaaj genocide of Hazaras.

Kaaj is an education center that offers classes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and beyond. This facility, which used to be the largest educational facility in Kabul’s west, is situated in Naqash Station, Kabul city’s district 13 inhabited by the Hazara community.

Students had previously been the target of multiple suicide attacks that had occurred in previous years. A minimum of 50 people were killed in the attack on the Maw’ood educational institution.

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