First Recreational Park Opened in Samangan

AYBAK (BNA) The construction of the first large recreational park with the personal expense of a businessman was completed in the city of Aybak, the center of Samangan, and put into exploitation on Friday.
Haji Mohammad Yunus, the manager of the park, told to Bakhtar News Agency correspondent that this recreational park was built in the area of 250 acres of land with the financial support of Maleem Moludin a national businessman of the country in Samangan with a cost of $1 million US in the area of the old city of Aybak in the center of Samangan.
According to him, this park has a swimming pool, a mosque, a sports ground, standardized walkways, and 25,000 saplings and various ornamental flowers have been planted in the park.
He added that this is the first recreational park that was built in Samangan as a standard.
Abdul Ghafoor, a resident of Aybak in the center of Samangan, expressed his satisfaction with the construction of this recreational park and green space in Samangan and called for the increase of recreational parks and green spaces in other parts of that province.
Meanwhile, Mawlawi Abu Rihan, the mayor of Aybak city, called the built of this recreational park an important step towards the prosperity and greening of Aybak city, and emphasized on the better maintenance of this recreational place by the citizens of the country.

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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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