Nearly 200 women in Balkh employed in a saffron processing company

A saffron processing company in Balkh province has provided job opportunities for nearly two hundred women, local officials said.
The authorities of this company said Thursday that if other traders also invest in this sector, on the one hand, job opportunities will be provided for more people; on the other hand, due to the good harvest of saffron, Balkh will compete with Herat in saffron production.
Zainullah Usmani, head of saffron processing company in Balkh, said: “Fortunately, this year we employed 190 women as trainees”.
Hadia Froutan, who continued her studies until the twelfth grade and stopped studying due to economic problems, is now happy to be working in this company.
“Such companies are requested to increase their activities so that more women become self-sufficient,” she said.
A number of other employed women in this company are happy that they can provide their needs.
“When I work here, I can provide my needs; we are satisfied with such companies that have provided us with a favorable working environment,” said another woman worker.
However, traders call on the government to facilitate the export of Afghanistan’s saffron to foreign countries, adding that if this was not done, Afghan saffron will be exported to other countries in the name of neighboring countries.
Meanwhile, one kilo of saffron is currently traded from 90,000 afghani to 117,000 afghani in the markets of the country, and if the transit challenges are solved, these prices will boost.The post Nearly 200 women in Balkh employed in a saffron processing company first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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