Taliban’s Resistances Against Enlightenment and Education Continue

The officials of the Department of Virtue Promotion of the Taliban in Ghazni have closed an English language training center due to a girl’s presence in the boys’ class.

Sources said that the Taliban agents, during their surveillance of Ghazni city, on Wednesday, September 6, sealed this educational center in the second security district of Ghazni city.

According to the sources, the Taliban have ordered the institute owner to manage a separate class for female students, or close the institute.

Taliban had previously ordered educational institutions for managing separate boys’ and girls’ classes which itself has built blocks for girls from attending classes due to the lack of enough girls for forming separate classes.

Sources added that in addition to this, the Taliban have sealed three public bathrooms and two barber shops in Ghazni city for shaving beards, fined and imprisoned the barber shops’ owners.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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