Iran Says Terrorism in Afghanistan Pose Threat to Global Security

While the international community as a whole is concerned about the resurgence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Iran has also expressed alarm, warning that terrorism in Afghanistan poses a threat to regional and global security.

The re-emergence of terrorism in Afghanistan, according to Zahra Ershadi, ambassador and deputy permanent representative of Iran to the UN, poses a threat to both regional and international security.

The Iranian official placed a strong emphasis on fighting terrorism and stated during the UN Security Council meeting that the Taliban must uphold its commitment to this cause.

She also highlighted that the Taliban should ensure the security of the diplomatic places in Afghanistan, emphasizing that Afghanistan should not once again become a sanctuary for international terrorist groups.

The establishment of an inclusive administration in Afghanistan, according to Ershadi, is a major need, and she called on the world leaders to honor their pledges in this way.

Previously, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in the UN General Assembly session explicitly stated that Afghanistan has become a safe haven for terrorists.

At the annual UN 77th session, the foreign minister of Tajikistan also raised alarm over the re-emergence of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, adding that the nation rapidly attracts terrorists and turns into a haven for them.

The Taliban, however, dismissed these statements and demanded that the Taliban be given a seat in the UN to accurately represent Afghanistan to the rest of the world.

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