Haqqani meets border security, nomads in remote Khost district

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) Interior Minister Sarajuddin Haqqani met with border security and Kuchis during a visit to Kost province on Wednesday.
According to the ministry, Haqqani met with the two groups, along with locals, in a remote area in Gurbaz district close to the Durand Line.
The border security forces and the Kuchis’ (nomads) raised their concerns with him.
“There should be no distance between the nation and the government, and if we were not sure about the nation today we couldn’t have come here.
“In the past, no one from the authorities could come here [to this district] because they had no place among the nation; because the nation had been harassed and tormented by them, but now our government represents the people,” Haqqani told the gathering.
Haqqani also admitted that there might be problems and shortcomings in the system but that in time reforms will be made.
Haqqani called on locals to cooperate with security forces in providing security.
“Cooperate in the security of your government, and if no one listens to your problems, it does not mean that the whole government is not listening, but maybe one person is neglecting [to listen],” Haqqani added.
During the trip, Haqqani also laid the foundation stone of a large religious Madrasa in the area.The post Haqqani meets border security, nomads in remote Khost district first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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