Taliban Seales Several Book Publishers’ Doors in Kabul

Taliban’s ideology since the very start of this tyranny group has been against enlightenment and education. Sealing the book publishers’ doors on the vague argument of tax outstanding balances is part of the fight against education.

Sources in Kabul city report that the Taliban group has sealed the doors of several book publishers in the Pol-e-Sorkh area of Kabul on Wednesday, September 28.

The reason behind this move of the Taliban is provided to be outstanding tax balances of these publishers.

According to the sources, although the book publishers have licenses from the Ministry of Information and Culture, but the Taliban has said that the publishers are obliged to obtain a new license from the municipality for their warehouses too.

Based on information from the sources, the Taliban has emphasized that the publishers should pay the taxes of their warehouses for the last four years.

Tax imposition and collection via various methods and approaches have been one of the very primary sources of the income that Taliban has made so far.


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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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