Taliban Removes Persian Language from Herat University’s Signboard and Sanaie Weekly in Ghazni

In continuation of the Taliban’s recent anti-Persian initiatives, the group has removed the word “Danishgah = University” from the Signboard of Herat University in Herat province.

On Wednesday, September 28, local sources talking to Hasht-e Subh said that the Taliban group has installed a new signboard with the Pashtu version of “Herat Pohantoon = Herat University” and has removed the Persian title.

Sources add that due to a dispute on this matter, Herat University did not have any signboard for the last six years. The Taliban has recently installed a signboard, but without the “Persian Language”.

Meanwhile, local sources in Ghazni have reported a similar case with Sanaie Weekly which used to be published with mixed content of Persian and Pashtu, now the recent version of this publication is pure Pashto with no Persian content while the majority of the audience is Persian speakers.

In reaction to this anti-Persian strategy of the Taliban, Afghan Women’s Unity and Solidarity team has said in a closed protest that the Taliban cannot remove the language of Maulana, Saadi, Rudaki, and Ferdowsi by removing a language that has long rooted history in this land by fighting against the language via removing it from the signboards.

More than 80% of the country’s population speak and understand Persian. By removing it from signboards makes no difference for the history and speakers of this language.

The Persian language is one of the pillars of identity and one of the precious spiritual assets of this country. Enmity with it, not only does not heal any pain but also fuels hostility and cynicism and destroys peaceful coexistence. Apart from that, the presence of the Persian language in the country is a serious necessity for the richness and strength of its cultural identity, and therefore, any person or group who wants to harm this richness, is attacking its roots and huge spiritual capital, wasting it foolishly. As much as the Pashto language is a rich asset and useful for cultural diversity and pluralism, and efforts should be made to protect it, the Persian language is also a part of the identity and history of this land, and every trick should be used to defend it.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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