No beggars in Bamyan, People’s Economic Situation is Better: Governor

BAMYAN (BNA) Currently, there are no beggars in Bamiyan and the economic situation of the residents of this province is better.
Bamyan governor, Mawlawi Abdullah Sarhadi, made the statement at the closing ceremony of the exhibition of books and handicrafts on that province.
The reasons for the lack of beggars in Bamyan were the efforts of the people to find work and the continuous assistance of international organizations.
According to him, there is a good interaction and coordination between the residents of Bamyan and the government and it is getting better day by day.
Sarhadi expressed his full support to the handicrafts entrepreneur and requested the residents of Bamyan not to rely on the help of foreigners and to continue producing handicrafts in order to improve their lives situation.
He added that he has talked with a number of organizations for the purpose of marketing handicrafts, so that they can help them in the export of handicrafts to foreign countries.
The Governor of Bamyan, besides thanking the Ministry of Information and Culture for organizing an exhibition of books and handicrafts in the said province, promised to the head of the Beyhaqi Book Publishing Department of the said ministry that a well-equipped the bookstore has given land for construction.
In the meantime, the mayor of Bamyan says that he has started efforts to pave the road separated from some central roads of the city and the road from Bamyan-Yakalang to Band Amir, adding that talks are ongoing with the aid organizations.
According to him, he has also done significant work in price control and will not allow anyone to hoard and sell goods at very high prices.
Meanwhile, the residents of the said province expressed their satisfaction with the behavior of the local authorities and some residents in a conversation with Bakhtar News Agency, requested the central government to pay more attention to the province.

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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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