4 Arrested for Selling Young Girl in Northeast Afghanistan

Taliban arrested 4 people – 3 men and 1 woman – on charges of selling a young girl in the northeastern Afghan province of Takhar, said local Taliban authorities.

Abdul Mubin Safi, the Taliban government’s spokesperson in Takhar province, said that four people forced a young girl to be sold against her will without her family’s knowledge for money.

The Taliban spokesperson continued by stating that these four people were arrested on Tuesday, September 27, by members of the crimes branch after conducting a comprehensive investigation and with the cooperation of locals.

Safi claims that the four persons who were detained have been charged with selling a young woman and that the case has been sent over to the Taliban-run judiciary for further action.

Previously, Taliban forces in Herat province, in western Afghanistan, arrested a man for allegedly trying to sell his mother for a price of 450 000 Afghanis.

As the Taliban took power in Afghanistan last year, there was an upsurge in reports of family members, including daughters, wives, and parents, selling their children to survive.

Afghanistan is presently experiencing the worst levels of hunger, starvation, despair, unemployment, and poverty, in addition to the deterioration of women’s rights and the “worst humanitarian crisis on Earth.”

The Taliban also dissolved the two organizations that dealt with forced marriages and underage marriage, violence against women, and other related issues, the Ministry of Women Affairs and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

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