Girls’ Education, a Symbolic Desire or a Real Necessity?

These days, when Afghan women and girls are facing the most difficult and strange kind of discrimination in society and are on the verge of being completely removed from society, the importance of their education has been raised more than ever. Although, during the first Taliban government between 1996 and 2001, girls also experienced a miserable and deplorable situation in the areas of education, work, and even personal and social freedoms. But, more than 20 years have passed since that dark era. considering the change in the global culture, the increasing role of the media, and the general change in the conditions of the countries, the establishment of these barbaric laws in the second period of the Taliban regime’s government is a very shameful act.

With the re-emergence of the Taliban after two decades and their undisputed control over the country’s politics, Afghan women, who had recently made good achievements in the areas of asserting their rights, have faced the risk of isolation and losing their achievements. One of the most important rights and achievements of girls and women in the past 20 years, was their right to education. As the United Nations has confirmed in its last statistics presented before the fall of the former government in the country, the report confirms a significant increase in the number of girls who went to school in the last 20 years.

Today, as girls in Afghanistan are mockingly deprived of this essential, basic, and human right, it is necessary to talk about the importance of education and training of girls in today’s societies.

It should be noted that there is no such restriction in any country, even Saudi Arabia, which has always had a strict stance toward women’s freedoms, does not have such restrictions against women. Afghan girls are the only girls in the world who are not allowed to study.

But why is education for girls vital?

It should be noted that this is not just a symbolic request or It is not a tool to put pressure on the Taliban; The education of girls is vital and necessary.

The first dimension of the importance of girls’ education in society is the social dimension of this issue and the impact that educated girls have on the next generation of the country. Fortunately, the fact that today’s girls are society’s future mothers is undeniable. The group that currently rules Afghanistan, claims that they are working for the development of the country and that they are training experienced national staff; But the question here is that when the society does not have educated girls and women, how will they be able to deliver educated men? The first step in the education and growth of every human being is his/her mother’s lap. Therefore, without trained and educated mothers and daughters, the effort to train knowledgeable personnel – is a baseless claim.

Another dimension of the importance of girls’ education is the economic growth of the country. The presence of women in educational institutions and, as a result, entering the labor market, can provide a huge transformation in the economic context of a society. A government that is governed based on rationality always welcomes the presence of women in the labor market. Studies have shown that educated women working in the market can pay high taxes to the government. This tax will have a positive effect on the further development of society. The more the gender gap and discrimination in education and distribution of opportunities are reduced, the path to creating a higher level of social welfare will be smoother.

Finally, the important point is that the education of girls is not restricted or prohibited in almost any country except Afghanistan. Sharia cannot be a good reason for such atrocities against women and girls; Because no Islamic country, not even Saudi Arabia, which is the cradle and origin of Islam, has any restrictions on girls and their education.

Closing schools to the girls of this country is a great injustice against them, and the one-year opportunity to educate these girls has been wasted. An opportunity that can never be compensated.

Every common sense emphasizes the importance of education for girls, and those who prevent them from reaching their basic and human rights are not out of two situations: either they cannot understand the importance of the role of women in society, or they are against the progress of society and the country, and in either situation, its backwardness. History will teach and pass judgment on the reality of the matter.

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