10,000 Families Provided with Electricity in Paktia

PAKTIA (BNA) Officials of the Paktia Electricity Department say that electricity is supplied to nearly 10,000 families in the center of the province and in the Goza Zadran district.

Mawlawi Syed Anwar Shah, head of Paktia Electricity department, told BNA that 75 new transformers of imported electricity have been activated in the said province, of which 25 transformers are in the center (Gardez) and 50 others are in Goza Zadran are operating now.

The electricity supply project with the financial support of Asian Development Bank at the cost of 700 million Afghanis has been completed and soon 9,500 families will benefit from electricity, he added.

Meanwhile, the residents of Paktia expressed their happiness with the launching of the project and asked the officials to provide electricity to other sites of province.

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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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