Govt Accountability Program was a Successful, Samangani

KABUL (BNA) The administration office of the Islamic Emirate turned one, lately organized the government’s accountability program to the nation, and the government’s Media and Information center played its role in reflecting the program through the media.

The general director of government Media and Information center Inamullah Samangani, in an interview with Bakhtar News Agency, said: “the goal of the government accountability program was to make the Islamic Emirate system accountable to the nation as a ruler in the country,”.

The one-year anniversary of the Islamic Emirate was a good opportunity to hold the government accountable to the nation.

In the program, the government organs shared with the nation the functions, reports, performances and accomplishments of one year, said Samangani.

The accountability program of the government to the nation continued for a month started from first of August 2022, he added.

44 government organs including all the ministries in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan shared their one-year accomplishment through media to the nation in this program, according to Samangani.

Inamullah Samangani called the program a success and affirms that it was not possible without media participation.

He believes that media play its significant roles in any society, adding that we can do better cover positive subject in the society true media.

In the end, he reaffirms the constructive roles of media in reflecting such programs, adding that media showed its place during the broadcasting of the program.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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