Mysterious Fires Destroyed Hundreds of Residential Houses in Jawzjan

SHEBARGHAN (BNA) local officials say 120 residential houses destroyed by fires break out in Bala Mardian village of Faiz Abad district of Jawzjan were burnt and more than 800 families were displaced.

BNA correspondent Ahmad Farid Rasouli says, it has been two weeks since this natural fire continues in Bala Mardian village of Faizabad district, the cause of the ignition and to know how to curb further inflation remain mysterious.

The provincial head of information and culture of Jawzjan Mawlawi Saifuddin Muatasam, visited the Gulan village of Bala Mardian in Faizabad district to assess the fire situation and met with the residents of the said village.

Muatasam told BNA that the fire in the village has reduced compared to previous days, but it has caused huge financial losses to the residents of Bala Mardian village.

According to him, the main cause of this fire has not been clarified yet and the people of this village need immediate assistance from national and international aid agencies.

Abdul Sattar Halimi, the head of the press office of Jawzjan Police headquarters, told BNA that the fire in this village is still in flame, adding that more than 800 families have been displaced to neighboring villages and districts.

Although local and security officials have been visiting this village every day for two weeks, the situation in this village is not under control and houses are being burned every day, and the technical board of the Afghan and North Hydrocarbons Directorates also rejected the existence of gas and oil in this village.

A number of residents of Bala Mardian village told BNA that more than 70% of the residents of this village have moved to neighboring villages and districts, and if the fire continues, there is a possibility of complete evacuation of this village.

According to them, more than 120 residential houses in this village have fallen prey to fire, even there are houses where natural fire has ignited more than 20 times and all the property and objects of these families have turned into ashes.

The residents of Mardian village ask the local and central government and aid organizations to extend their humanitarian aid to this village.

They say that we have lost our possessions because of this burning and we are in a bad mental state.

The village of Bala Mardian is one of the largest and most populated villages in Faizabad district, which is located 85 km north of Shebarghan city, the capital of Jawzjan province.


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