Nature Fury; Floods Destroyed Parts of Parwan Killed 31 People

PARWAN (BNA) This time flash floods took the lives of tens of people and destroyed residential houses and hundreds of acres of farmland.

According to the report, floods covered parts of Parwan on Sunday evening after heavy rainfalls.

The districts of Shinwar and Siah Gard in the Ghorbandha Valley are said to be the main focus of these floods.

Shinwar Parwan District Governor Mullah Khan Mohammad told BNA that s16 people died and at least dozens more were injured and missing in the floods.

Meanwhile, a source from the Siah Gard district confirms that 14 people died in these floods and dozens of people were injured and disappeared.

An official of the Parwan Disaster Management Department says that according to preliminary figures, the flood in Parwan has killed 31 people and at least 17 people have been injured.

He confirmed the missing of more than one hundred people in these floods.

The source said two Minivan with all their passengers and the drowning of a village called Teekmar in Shinwar district are among the great tragedies of these recent floods.

The flood has destroyed dozens of houses and damaged hundreds of acres of farmers’ fields.

On the other hand, as a result of these floods, several roads from the villages to the public road have been closed to traffic.

Officials also confirmed that the Charikar-Bamyan highway is closed to traffic due to these floods.

Dozens of people are still trapped in their houses surrounded by floods and need immediate action.

Mawlawi Sharafuddin Muslim, the Deputy Ministry of Disaster Management, and the Governor of Parwan taking off to Ghorbandha, the epicenter of the recent floods, saying the process of rescuing the survivors and helping the flood victims has started.

The health mobile team, security forces, people, and employees of the Public Works Department have started efforts to rescue the trapped and clear the roads and the process of providing aid.

Dr. Abdullah Afghanmel, head of public health in Parwan, says that the process of transferring the wounded to medical centers and treating them continues.


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