IEA Celebrated First Year of Victory

KABUL (BNA) Prime Minister of Afghanistan in a message on the occasion of the first anniversary of the victory of IEA against the occupation of Afghanistan by the US and its allies said: I congratulate our proud and Mujahid nation. Today is the day when truth owns over falsehood and our country is liberated from occupiers and their puppets.

During the ceremony, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi said in his speech that the aggressors have occupied the space and territory of Afghanistan in the last 20 years and committed various crimes, bombed mosques, schools, and weddings, and used it.

Some people of the previous government embezzled money from Afghans and bought houses and properties in foreign countries, he added.

Hanafi said One of the souvenirs of the 20-year occupation and the previous government is the increase in drug addicts in the country.

ForeignMuttaqi, talking to a ceremony on the occasion of the celebration of the victory of IEA against the US and its allies’ occupation of Afghanistan: The hardships that the nation and Mujahideen have gone through for the victory of the Islamic Emirate should not be forgotten.
All people who have worked in civil institutions under the previous administration are still on their jobs. The rumors that 700,000 workers of the previous regime have lost their jobs are far from the truth.
Fueling instability in Afghanistan would not benefit the world, the Afghan people need the cooperation of the international community instead of imposing sanctions on them.
There may be shortcomings, but it is necessary to help each other to prevent failed experiences.

Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah, Acting Minister of Information and Culture on the occasion of the victory day of IEA: Freedom and independence today are results suit of sacrifices. The establishment of the current Islamic government was not an easy job, but it was established as a result of sacrifices.
IEA did not close any media outlets but they stopped after foreigners stopped funding them.

Minister of National Defense Mawlavi Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid on the occasion of the victory day of IEA: This victory that Allah has bestowed upon is the result of great sacrifices and hardships.
We would work tirelessly for the implementation of the Islamic system and serve our war-torn people.
It is my responsibility to serve my people whether I am on the blacklist or not.
Anyone who instigates instability under different pretexts will be defeated and taken to justice.
Targeting ordinary people shows the weakness of the enemy.
All organizations can start their projects, they will be provided with full security, and we are committed to the reconstruction and development of this country.
Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid, talking on the occasion of the first anniversary of IEA victory: Today is a day full of honor and achievements. Last year, on this day, the forces of the Islamic Emirate were able to enter Kabul and put end to the occupation.
Over the last year, all institutions have resumed their activities by Islamic Sharia law.
Since the victory of the Islamic Emirate, major developments have been made in media, culture, literature, and other fields, and efforts are still underway for better improvements in various areas.
Those who oppose the IEA should join the government and return to their country and live a peaceful life.


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