NEPA Announced Hunts Banned On 149 Animals in The Country

KABUL (BNA) The Afghan National Environmental Protection Agency says the department announced banned to prevent the trade and hunting of 149 species of animals that are in danger of extinction.

The head of the department Hafez Aziz ur Rahman in his accountability program, during a press conference, said the Environmental Protection Department started working again to protect the lives of the animal that are in danger and protect the environment.

He said managing climate change, pursuing basic goals, regulating pollution and waste, preserving natural heritage, and controlling substances that destroy the ozone layer are the achievements of this department during this time

The National Environmental Protection Agency has evaluated 606 development, infrastructure, industrial, and production projects of the public and private sectors due to environmental and social effects, as a result of which 572 projects have been approved and 33 projects have been approved for non-compliance with the rules. Its environmental activity has been rejected, he added.

According to him, the department has monitored the system of Tashkin, fuel materials, wastewater, and waste management green area of ​​375 factories, 105 high-rise buildings, 646 bathrooms, 1277 restaurants, and 2088 restaurants, and has corrected some of their activities.

In the natural heritage protection department, he said that there are 23 natural heritage protected areas in the country, which have been monitored, and for the protection of these areas, six licenses for international wildlife trade have been given to private companies.

He added: We are trying to prevent the trade and hunting of 149 types of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and plants, which are facing the risk of extinction.

He reminded that the Department of Environmental Protection, in coordination with the relevant departments, planted more than two hundred million productive and non-productive saplings in the center and provinces in 1401.

He said that the National Department of Environmental Protection has established relations with international institutions and organizations and has obtained membership in 16 international environmental conventions.

Rahman said that in1400, the department distributed 573 environmental permits, which has collected more than two million revenues. He called the private sector and citizens important in maintaining a clean environment.

Another official from the department said that the source of air pollution in the country is the use of coal, worn-out vehicles, cream roads, and the import of low-quality oil, and measures have been taken in these areas.

He said that the emission of greenhouse gases in Afghanistan is 0.30%, which is at its lowest level compared to other countries.


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