National Development Corporation says it has launched 692 projects in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s National Development Corporation said on Wednesday that it has launched 692 projects worth 112 billion afghanis in the country in the past year.
Speaking at a press conference as part of government’s annual accountability program, Abdul Wali Adil, deputy head of the National Development Corporation for financial and administrative affairs, said that it is involved in water resource management, agriculture, construction and manufacturing sectors.
He said that the corporation completed 81 projects including 55 in the construction sector over the past year.
Qosh Tepa water canal, Namak Aab reservoir, Tarak wa Khoshak water canal, and Machalgu dam irrigation canal are among the major projects launched by the National Development Corporation this year, he said.
Officials from the corporation also said that 1.22 billion afghanis in money owed to contractors has been paid.
Wednesday also saw the National Standard Authority giving its one-year accountability report.
Officials of the authority said that it has collected 2 billion afghanis in the past year.
Mohammad Hamid, the technical deputy of the National Standard Authority, said that it has launched efforts to seriously control the quality of fuel and food items.
Government institutions’ accountability program began early this month. So far, the ministries of water, labor, mines, agriculture as well as the national railway authority and the national power utility company have released their reports.The post National Development Corporation says it has launched 692 projects in Afghanistan first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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