Afghan money changers protest against US airstrike

Hundreds of money changers in Kabul, Herat and Nangarhar provinces protested on Wednesday against the recent drone strike carried out by the US in Kabul.
While chanting anti-American slogans, the demonstrators said the US had violated international laws. They said neighboring countries must not give the United States overflight permission.
They also called on international organizations to stop the US from fueling another war in Afghanistan.
“We stand by the system and our nation. We have defeated the great powers of the world and we request that they do not try to wage war in our country. We want to live in peace with the world. We are tired of war,” said Abdulrahman Zirak, a member of the money changers union.
“We are peace-loving people and we expect others to stop their irresponsible actions. We do not accept aggression on our soil and we condemn any kind of aggression. And we ask the countries to not impose war on us anymore,” said Amin Jan Khosti, a member of the money exchange union.
The protesters also said the international community should keep silent about the recent drone strike but need to respect Afghanistan’s freedom and national sovereignty.
They also call on the international community to help revive Afghanistan’s economy.The post Afghan money changers protest against US airstrike first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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