Measles Took Lives of 4 People in Zabul

QALAT (BNA) Zabul health officials say, on Saturday, that following the outbreak of measles Four people lost their lives so far.

According to the reports, several villages in the Soorihi district of Zabul have witnessed the outbreak of measles.

Dr. Abdul Hakim Hakimi, head of public health in Zabul, told BNA that the dead children were semi-nomads living in the Soorihi district.

He said that mobile health groups have started treating children with measles in villages but it’s far away from the Soorihi district.

Children who are in poor health are supposed to be transferred to hospitals for treatment.

The director of public health of Zabul says that they are trying to control measles in the province.

The lack of medicine and medical equipment is still a major challenge in providing health services to the citizens of Zabul.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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