Ministerial Accountability Program Initiated

Pashto Tabsera

KABUL (BNA) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has initiated an accountability program, that based on the Ministers and general organs of the government’s goals and achievements will be overviewed.

BNA analyst, the initiation of the government accountability program to the nation is a step to institutionalize transparency, inform the people of the government’s actions, and counter corruption, a program in which the officials of the government departments inform the people about their accomplishments through the media.

In this initiative not only are the positive operations of the organs of government measured but the reflection of the vacuum and lack of plans are considered.

The accountability program of the government to the nation is effective in counter corruption, ensuring transparency and pathology of government departments, because the officials of the government departments, in addition to expressing their positive achievements and functions, also identify the weak points and shortcomings of the departments and in the analysis of people and media.

They will report one-year accomplishments to the people through media, the government administration will plan more in their positive work sector and at the same time take measures to eliminate their gaps.

The Islamic Emirate believes that the people should be aware of the functioning of the government departments, they should know which institutions have done effective work and which institutions and government departments have only words on paper, telling the truth is a principle in the work of the Islamic Emirate and it gives people the right to ask the government what they have done and what they are doing.

From the point of view of the Islamic Emirate, the highest betrayal of the people is falsehood, and the Islamic Emirate is fighting against the phenomenon of falsehood and corruption. May the ground be favorable for the removal of poverty and the welfare of all

In general, this program is a positive and reasonable way for good governance and to satisfy the people and inform them about the economic and social situation of the country, which has the support of the people.


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