IEA says there will be no new water deal with Iran

Officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) said on Wednesday they are committed to Iran’s water rights according to a treaty signed in 1973 and that there will not be a new accord in this regard.
Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Omar, deputy minister of energy and water, said that the ministry is committed to the national interests of the country.
“There will be no new agreement with Iran on water rights. The 1973 treaty is enforceable and it will be pursued,” Omar said.
According to the official, 70 percent of Afghanistan’s waters flow into neighboring countries. He said that work on incomplete dam projects will resume.
“We have plans to manage the country’s waters and we will take steps in this regard. Drought is threatening our country,” Omar said.
Iran has strongly opposed Afghanistan’s damming of its transboundary rivers. It has accused Kabul of denying it of its water rights.
In 1973, Iran and Afghanistan signed a water-sharing accord on the Helmand River, under which Afghanistan would provide Iran with 22 cubic meters per second of water with an option to purchase an additional 4 cubic meters per second for “goodwill and brotherly relations.”
The Ministry of Energy and Water is planning to hold a major conference to attract investment in electricity generation. Officials of the ministry said foreign investors will also be invited to the conference.The post IEA says there will be no new water deal with Iran first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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