Taliban Utilizes Sharia as a Shield to Cover the Group’s Lack of Capacities

In one of the last decrees issued by the leader of the Taliban, it is stated that Sharia law should replace man-made law.

Not only the Taliban but also all the religious fundamentalist groups that are trying to take over political power, the most important excuse they use to consider the current governments in Muslim countries as illegitimate and propose themselves as a better alternative is the claim that Sharia is not implemented by these governments.

According to historical experience, in addition to political Islamic groups, several ambitious governments and rulers also tried to buy legitimacy and popularity for themselves by chanting the slogan of Sharia implementation, but their vain efforts did not go anywhere. The first person who made this claim was Jaafar Nimeiry, the former president of Sudan, who issued laws in this regard and became known as the laws of September 1983. Also, General Zia-ul-Haq in Pakistan, who was facing a crisis of legitimacy due to his coup d’état and militarism, in 1984 undertook a similar program called the implementation of Sharia law, which did not have a better fate. The governments of Iran and Sudan, as well as the governments of the Mujahidin and the Taliban in the first period, also called their agenda as the implementation of Sharia, without diminishing the deep crises of these countries.

There are several things that have made the application of Sharia law a central issue in the discourse of these groups: first, they lack basic capacity and requirements of the time demand to form lead time oriented and responsive and effective government. They lack the capacity to design and implement successful plan to ensure the welfare of the citizens and The, Sharia is the only shield to coverup their lack of capacities and failures. Secondly, their understanding of religion only has a jurisprudential color and is not based on a correct understanding of theological, philosophical, mystical and rational systems in the history of Islam, and they do not know that it is not possible to resize and downsize the whole religion to a very limited part, called Sharia. Third, as a result of the ideological propaganda that has been carried out during the past century, they think that the application of Sharia is like Aladdin’s magic lamp in the fairy tale of One Thousand and One Nights, with which any difficult knot can be easily untied. Fourth, they have no understanding of modern governance and do not know that the success of governments in the current era is due to a dynamic society, stable institutions, clear laws, strong parties, impressive transparency, and extensive specialized knowledge that has not been repeated in history. Fifth, under the pretext of implementing Sharia, they find a way to suppress all opponents and strengthen the foundations of their tyranny.

They do not refer to themselves why most of the world’s people are trying to migrate to Western countries and even the activists of the Brotherhood, Tahrir and Al-Qaeda did not want to live under an apparently Islamic rule in Sudan and Iran until the day they had the opportunity to live in London and Paris. Just like today, they don’t want to move to Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban. Even a part of the intellectual supporters of the Taliban have fled to the secular country of Turkey as soon as this group took over. These facts show that modern laws, relying on scientific data and optimal use of modern rationality, have been able to realize what is called the purposes of Sharia much better. The above criticisms are not on the principle of Sharia, but on the crude and childish understanding of Sharia that these groups suffer from.

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