Nabil: US Drones Attacked Some Areas of Kabul

Following the occurrence of two blasts in the city of Kabul, Rahmatullah Nabil, the former head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), said that US drones have attacked some places in the city of Kabul.

In a series of tweets, Nabil said that based on the Doha agreement, the US will help the Taliban in fighting the Islamic State of Khurasan (ISKP).

Nabil, citing information from his own sources, said that US drones were seen in the sky of Kabul this morning.

According to Nabil, it is likely that these planes targeted ISKP hideouts.

He has warned that if the Taliban group does not support the Afghans, this regime will not survive and Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban will become a safe haven for religious extremists.

This early morning, two rockets hit Wazir Akbar Khan and Shirpur areas in Kabul, but the details of these attacks have not yet been reported.

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