Pak and Afghan FMs meet in Tashkent

KABUL (BNA) Amir Khan Muttaqi Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, met with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, in Tashkent.

In a meeting, both sides discussed issues of mutual interest, Muttaqi thanked Pakistan for its humanitarian assistance after the recent earthquakes in Afghanistan and told his Pakistani counterpart that with the return of security and stability to Afghanistan, not only Pakistan and Afghanistan But a good opportunity has been provided for economic transactions and transit between the countries of the region.

Muttaqi said, now the commercial goods of Central Asia and South Asia are being transported to another country through Afghanistan.

He asked Zardari to facilitate the visa process for Afghan travelers, as well as trade, adding millions of Afghans are still living as refugees in Pakistan and need to commute.

For his part, Zardari offered his condolences due to the recent earthquake and floods in Afghanistan and added that the Prime Minister of Pakistan had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Afghanistan on this matter and he promised to deliver timely aid.

Pakistan’s foreign minister said that Afghanistan can play an important role in the economic growth and transit of not only Afghanistan but also the entire region.

Zardari said that peace in Afghanistan has provided new opportunities for energy transfer to Pakistan.

“The world will criticize the Islamic Emirate, But the accomplishments of the new government should also be appreciated,” Zardari added.

Mr. Zardari praised the Afghan government’s efforts in ensuring security in Afghanistan and called it an important step towards building trust with the world.

In the end, Zardari vowed to facilitate the ground for Afghan travelers between Afghanistan and Pakistan and will provide all necessary facilities, according to the Afghan Ministry statement.


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