Tashkent conference calls for inclusive government in Afghanistan

Formation of a government on the basis of “broad representation” was emphasized in an international conference on Afghanistan that was held in the Uzbek capital Tashkent on Tuesday.
Ensuring women’s rights and access of Afghan girls to receive a full school education was also emphasized, according to a statement released by the hosts.
“That will be a fundamental condition for the completion of the national reconciliation process in Afghanistan,” the statement read.
The participants of the conference also expressed a common understanding that today the main priority of Afghanistan as an important factor in achieving lasting peace in the country.
“It is necessary to promote the integration of Afghanistan into interregional economic processes, to promote the implementation of socially significant and infrastructure projects, including the formation of transregional transport, energy and other corridors,” the statement read.
It was also noted that the Afghan Government was ensuring security, stability and taking measures to provide public and social services to the population, according to the statement.
The participants reiterated the importance of unfreezing Afghanistan’s financial assets abroad, which should be directed by the Government of the country to solve socio-economic and humanitarian issues, problems in the fields of health and education, meet the needs and requirement of the entire Afghan population, and implement significant investment projects.
Meanwhile, US special envoy, Thomas West, in an interview with local media in Uzbekistan, said that Uzbekistan is playing a critical role in helping to stabilize Afghanistan and the US very much appreciates Uzbekistan’s “hard work, its generosity and its expertise in this regard.”
He said that Uzbekistan is engaging with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) on concerns regarding terrorism, border instability and human rights.
“We are coordinating our policies with one another to be sure that we are speaking with one voice to the Taliban (IEA),” West said.
At the conference, Rina Amiri, US envoy for Afghan women, stressed that security, economic stability and peace cannot be achieved without “upholding the rights of women, ending abuses against all ethnic and religious communities and fostering an inclusive political process.”
Afghan Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told reporters that that statements of all but two participants of the conference were positive.
He said that the current government controls and represents the entire country, and there is now transparency in administrative and financial affairs.The post Tashkent conference calls for inclusive government in Afghanistan first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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