Father Demands Crippling Dowry, Daughter Ingests Poison in Northern Afghanistan

According to sources in the province of Faryab, in northern Afghanistan, a young girl allegedly poisoned herself to death after disputing with her father, who subjected her fiancé to exorbitant dowry.

The sources claim that the girl was a resident of Dara Zang village, in Gurziwan district, of the northern Afghan province of Faryab, and that her dowry for marrying a boy to whom she had been engaged for five years was 1,200,000 Afghanis.

During this period, the boy worked in Iran and provided the 18-year-old girl’s father the dowry.

The boy finally succeeded in giving the girl’s father the specified sum after five arduous years of labor in Iran, but the father also sought a piece of land and more money, and the daughter gets angry with her father.

His daughter responded angrily and engaged in conversation with her father while the father demanded the boy give him the land plot and more money for the dowry.

When he disregarded her requests, according to the sources, she committed suicide by poisoning herself.

Heavy dowries and extravagant wedding costs have led to family conflicts in Afghanistan’s traditional society, and young people are concerned about marriage’s high cost.

The bride’s family has numerous expectations, and the demands from the groom’s family are so exorbitant that a person cannot afford to be married for many years, according to a groom who married in a mass wedding in central Afghanistan earlier this month and asked to remain unidentified.

According to sources, a single-day reservation at a wedding hall costs between $10,000 and $20,000, and several engaged couples were forced to wait for years due to the financially crippling expense given the unemployment rate.

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