UK Parliament Member Demanded Military Be Held Accountable for Killing Afghan Civilians

KABUL (BNA) Jeremy Corbyn said in the British Parliament: “Our special forces must be held accountable like the rest of the armed forces.”

Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the British Labor Party and leader of the UK opposition, tweeted on Friday: “this morning in Parliament about the recent allegations about British special forces in Afghanistan, I told the minister that our special forces should be treated like everyone else. be armed under democratic accountability.

Earlier, in an investigative report, the BBC reported the killing of unarmed detainees by a group of British special forces in Afghanistan.

The BBC’s findings suggest that the British Army’s special forces, the SAS, may have unlawfully killed 54 people over a six-month period.

This media has obtained military reports which show that General Sir Mark Carlton Smith; The former head of the British special forces has not provided evidence for the investigation into the killings carried out in Afghanistan.

Carlton Smith, who became the head of the British army last month, has refused to comment on the story.

Based on the report it has analyzed hundreds of pages of British special forces operations reports, including reports of dozens of “kill or capture” attacks carried out by a SAS unit in Helmand in 2011/2010.

In response to these claims, the British Ministry of Defense said that the country’s soldiers in Afghanistan “served bravely and professionally”.

However, the BBC said that several people who served with the special forces said that SAS units competed with each other to get the most kills.

After the publication of this report, Amnesty International called for an immediate investigation into allegations of war crimes by British special forces in Afghanistan.

Amnesty International’s researcher in South Asia has said that the organization calls for an effective and transparent investigation into the allegations so that justice can be provided to the victims and the perpetrators held accountable.

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