More Than 10,000 Tons Of Afghan Coal Exported To Pakistan Every Day

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has said more than ten
thousand tons of Afghan coal are exported to Pakistan every day.

“Every day, around 10,000 tonnes of coal are exported,” said
Islmatullah Burhan, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani media quoted the Ministry of
Finance of the country and wrote that the import of coal from Afghanistan
depends on its price.

Drivers of trucks have told Tolo News that there was a
shortage of trucks due to increase in coal exports to Pakistan.

Coal industries have said that the majority of coal comes
from Dara-e-Soof of Samangan and Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul province and
exported to Pakistan from Kabul.

According to the information of the Ministry of Mines and
Petroleum, more than 80 large and small coal mines have been discovered in
Afghanistan, and currently the extraction process is ongoing in only 17 mines.

Source: Wadsam

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