Case filed in Delhi against Afghan MMA star following fight night brawl

Afghan MMA star Abdul Azim Badakhshi has landed himself in hot water in New Delhi after he was found with two passports following a brawl during Matrix Fight Night 9 in the Indian city.
According to MMA talk show host Parvin Dabas, Badakshi was found to have an Afghan passport and a second, Indian, passport, in another name, and an Aadhar Card – which is issued exclusively to Indian citizens.
According to Indian media reports Badakhshi allegedly led an attack on Indian MMA star Srikant Sekhar last Friday night. As a result of the attack, Srikant was hospitalized with a broken jaw and other injuries.
Dabas claimed Badakhshi tried to flee the country after details around the attack started to gain media attention.
The Hindustan Times has however reported that while Badakshi is under investigation, he has not yet been arrested.
Late Monday night, Dabas tweeted that “MMA fighter Abdul Azim Badakshi holding two passports, Afghani and Indian and having made an Aadhar card (god knows how) is attempting to flee tonight…not sure if FIR has been filed yet by @DelhiPolice am being told same is being done under bailable offences.”
Dabas later stated Srikant had filed a police report against the Afghan fighter.
Badakhshi is Matrix Fight Night’s biggest star and has headlined two of the promotion’s last three cards. He holds a record of 13-3 and has spent the majority of his career competing in India.
But last weekend one of the Matrix Fight Night founders announced that they were banning Afghan fighters from competing on their cards. This potentially leaves Badakhshi with a very uncertain future.
Whether the ban is going to be put in place permanently is not yet clear.
The brawl took place after the fight between Seth Rosario and Zahoor Shah, which was the final bout for the night.The post Case filed in Delhi against Afghan MMA star following fight night brawl first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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