From Coal Export to Economic Improvement

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has enhanced the export price of a ton of coal at the country’s customs from $90 to $200, making coal prices in Afghanistan more in line with world prices.

BNA analyst: Afghanistan is famous for its large and high-quality coal mines among neighboring countries in the region.

In recent years, the export of this fuel abroad has enlarged and its cheap price has caused neighboring countries to pay more attention and extract above the average.

The Islamic Emirate is searching for ways to improve the country’s economy and focus on the country’s revenue sources to prevent corruption in various fields.

Amongst Afghanistan’s neighbors, Pakistan derives the most from Afghanistan’s coal, which needs more coal to generate electricity and currently imports 85 percent of its necessities from South Africa.

Pakistan and South Africa are far apart, but Afghanistan is the best source of coal for Pakistan due to its proximity and short distance, and it is a fact that Pakistan is the closest market for coal.

The stone of Afghanistan is the only thing that matters is the proportionality in trade. By setting a new customs rate, the Afghan Ministry of Finance is seeking to ensure a minimum proportion of coal deals to neighboring countries, including Pakistan, and is striving to create a trade that is mutually beneficial.

The Ministry of Finance, says that Afghanistan is not bound to a specific country in the export of coal.

The trade of coal to the last border point of Afghanistan is done in Afghani to strengthen the national economy. It is up to these companies to sell their goods outside Afghanistan. Hasty orders from strangers will not be affected.

Another statement made by the spokesman of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is the expansion of Afghanistan’s coal market. The Islamic Emirate is trying to reach global markets, which can bring the price of Afghan coal to international standards.

The recent move is the first step towards standardized trade with neighboring countries. Hopefully, in the next steps, this process will become more and better standardized.


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